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Hotel La Bourdonnais

A travel


Hotel La Bourdonnais appeals to adventurers at heart searching for new lands to explore.

A quaint and unique, fairy-like setting designed by Oscar Ono Interiors will take you on a journey to East, making you walk in the footsteps of Count Bertrand-François Mahé de La Bourdonnais.

No matter what you are here for, a first dip in Paris or a quick getaway, hotel La Bourdonnais offers you a restful, luxury haven.

Adventurer’s Lifestyle


Steeped in history, hotel La Bourdonnais welcomes you into a world of spicy flavors and shimmering colors.

Themed around an Adventurer’s Lifestyle, this four-star boutique hotel will take you on a lifetime journey at the pace of the world’s most beautiful city.



A great way to kick-start a day of exploring the many wonders of Paris, our yummy breakfast is served in an elegant setting.

Choose from a range of carefully selected breakfast delights from Viennese pastries and cheeses to hot drinks to treat your taste buds.



Come and join Count de La Bourdonnais on his journey through India!

The wood paneled hotel’s library with its many books and quaint objects is an invitation to relax and enjoy the quiet.

Our services


Because each of our guests is unique, hotel La Bourdonnais’ staff offers you a personalized welcome and treats you with all sorts of kind attentions.

Feel the magic of Paris and have a memorable stay at hotel La Bourdonnais!

Gloster - Bar à cocktails

Gloster - Bar à cocktails


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