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Hotel Le Marquis

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Hotel Le Marquis is a unique world of its own. In the heart of Paris, just steps to the Eiffel Tower, it is a trendy and arty place to stay at.

Steeped in elegance and refinement, Le Marquis is a true Mecca for Parisian Dandies.

A Dandy’s Art of Living


Inspired and imbued by a Parisian Dandy’s Art of Living, hotel Le Marquis pays tribute to the iconic Oscar Wilde.

With its chic and classy décor, Le Marquis is the very essence of free thought. 



What better start to a day of sightseeing in Paris than a generous breakfast! A whole range of sweet and salty delights to enjoy in an arty environment is on offer at Le Marquis.

A helpful and attentive service will complete the experience.



There is no better place to spend some good time and share a drink with friends, colleagues or loved-ones than hotel Le Marquis’ bar.

In a cheerful, arty setting enjoy a well-deserved chill out break.



Cozy and cocoon-like, Le Marquis’ lounge is an invitation to chill out and relax.

With its subtle and tasteful, original décor inspired by the famous Oscar Wilde, it will make you travel through time and seasons.



A place of charm and taste, hotel Le Marquis features a typically Parisian patio to enjoy a moment of quiet away from the city crowds.

A true little haven of peace and greenery, it is an invitation to relax. 

Our Services


Epitomizing the French-style Art of Living, the chic and sleek hotel Le Marquis offers its guests a tailor-made service full of attention.

Even most discerning Dandies eager to discover Paris won’t be disappointed.

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