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Hotel Le Walt

A painting


Le Walt takes you on a unique getaway to an art lovers’ paradise, with paintings and canvases all around.

This one-of-a-kind, romantic boutique hotel is a true Mecca for artists at heart.

A Painter’s Lifestyle


Pictures and watercolors transport you into a Painter’s universe.

A subtle Art of Living, a harmonious blend of textures and emotions, it will make you travel through time and seasons.



Hotel Le Walt offers you a savory, artfully cooked breakfast to be enjoyed in a typically Parisian, art-inspired setting.

A whole palette of sweet and salty options, from Viennese pastries to cold cuts, is on offer at hotel Le Walt.

What better way to kick-start a day of sightseeing in Paris?



A perfect venue to enjoy your favorite drink in style and spend some good time with family, friends or colleagues, hotel Le Walt’s bar will take you on a getaway to the ever-new, vibrant and colorful City of Lights.



Sleek, chic and light-filled, hotel Le Walt’s lounge is just what you need for a restful break and a bit of inspiration.



Take a break from the hustle and bustle of the capital and enjoy a delightful moment of peace and quiet under the Paris sky, in the lovely patio of hotel Le Walt.

Our services


A place of character inspired by an artist’s workshop, Le Walt offers you a unique way to enjoy Paris.

A warmest welcome and a top-class, tailor-made service will complete the experience.

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