Inwood loves the decoration trend with natural materials

Natural materials in interior design, such as rattan or bamboo, are in vogue nowadays. They come in various textures and shades that dress the interior elegantly and simply. These materials bring softness and an exotic touch. For all seasons, there is a way to adopt them whether for a chic rustic or bohemian universe.

We love natural materials for their elegance and simplicity; they are indeed easy to associate with the interior you wish to decorate. Between rattan armchairs, rough wooden tables, woven baskets, there is many choices to surprise us and adapt to all different styles. We love their intention to ban plastic and return to more ethical materials. 

Adopt natural materials in your interior!

We recommend rattan, the material of the moment. It is mainly used on chairs and armchairs. We recommend it for its authenticity and softness. Choose rattan furniture in small touches or in all the rooms of your house!

We love wood. It will bring warmth to your home. We advise you to adopt this material in all the rooms of your house or apartment from the living room to the bathroom. However, be careful to not use it for all the furniture in a room, which could make the atmosphere heavier.

We also recommend bamboo for its minimalist and zen touch. It is often used for essential furniture in your home such as lighting fixtures.

So don't hesitate! Adopt natural materials in your home! You will find our latest favorite on the hanging chair that will give a cocooning and elegant atmosphere to your home.