For this Lovers' favorite, we went to meet Pablo who works in the Sales Department of Inwood Hotels. In this article, he invites us to discover the Bir-Hakeim bridge, a famous bridge in Paris known for its architecture and its magnificent view.

Pablo recommends the Bir-Hakeim bridge in Paris

The Bir-Hakeim Bridge is a must-see place in Paris. Built for the 1878 World's Fair, this bridge is now one of the most beautiful in the city. It is made up of two levels, one dedicated to pedestrians and cars from which you can admire its magnificent Art Nouveau style columns. The other, from the subway, has a magnificent view of the Eiffel Tower.

Pablo was able to discover this mythical place during the strolls in Paris that he enjoys doing on weekends. He appreciates walking there by himself and with friends in order to spend a pleasant moment. He tells us: "it's a beautiful place which we don't necessarily think about". Our Inwood Lover loves this place for the "good mood and the view".

"The view is even nicer in the evening when the Eiffel Tower lights up"

Pablo suggests a stroll to the Bir-Hakeim bridge. He describes this place as "a typical Parisian place" and "cliché" with many tourists taking pictures. He loves the dynamism that emerges from it, as this bridge is a frequented place of passage.

Pablo confides to us: "I adore the beautiful view of the city's monuments". Indeed, this bridge is known for its view of the Eiffel Tower. When he has the opportunity to take line 6 of the metro, he always appreciates the splendid panorama which is offered to him.

Our Inwood Lover recommends us to go on the Bir Hakeim Bridge at the end of the day because "the view is even more beautiful in the evening when the Eiffel Tower lights up". He also advises us this place to " admire a beautiful sunset on the Seine ".

Don't hesitate anymore! Come and discover the Bir-Hakeim Bridge, this typical Parisian place and spend a unique moment facing one of the most beautiful views of Paris.