For the past few seasons, marble has been inviting itself into our homes. It has been brought up to date and gives a touch of elegance and luxury to our decoration.

Marble is a must for certain rooms such as the bathroom or the kitchen.

A cold material, it can be combined with other materials such as brass or wood to add a little warmth to our interior. In the kitchen, in the bedroom or in the living room, marble will charm you thanks to its easy adaptation to each room.

If you prefer to add only small touches of marble for more sobriety, we advise you to opt for objects such as tables, candle holders, dishes or lamps with a marbled look.


At Inwood Hotels, we love marble. Synonymous with luxury and refinement, you can find it in the decoration of our different hotels.

Our hotel, the Elysia, pays homage to the Romantic Art of Living and offers you a luxurious stay in its magnificent Haussmannian building. You will find magnificent bathrooms and also huge white marble fireplaces in each room of the hotel.

Two other of our boutique hotels are dressed in this material: Le Tourville and Le Walt. During your stay in these hotels, you can take a nice hot bath in the beautiful marbled bathroom of your room.