The shirt season is open! The shirt, a timeless part of your wardrobe...

You didn't think we would go through the summer without mentioning the masterpiece of your wardrobe and the essential of your summer look?

We do not quote it anymore, because as you know it is "the classic" to have since the shirt adapts to all possible situations but today we want to put it in the spotlight.

But why are we talking about a timeless? There is a whole history behind this flagship garment...

The shirt, first appeared in antiquity among the Egyptians, then in the Middle Ages it is used as underwear (i.e. the longer it is the more wealthy the wearer), following the Renaissance where it is marked with a white collar. Around 1850, the colored shirts appear and allow to distinguish political will and social position. It is in the twentieth century that prints and short-sleeved shirts will develop and emancipate the shirt, including with famous women who will wear it in their own way like Katharine Hepburn and Grace Kelly...

The shirt is now a universal piece. It is worn as much by men as by women.

Today, you can find shirts in linen, cotton, flannel, silk and velvet. You can find them in all shapes, in all colors and in all the prints that exist.


Without it, the look of your outfit would not be the same. At the appearance basic, the shirt is finally revealed to be the original touch of your outfit. It is the base, the pillar, the element that will make your look.

Whether it's at work under a suit jacket, or out on the weekends, let's not stop wearing it every day. A single shirt can create many looks at once and for various events.

Ladies and gentlemen, we recommend you to finish the summer in style in Paris:

The white linen shirt unbuttoned over a colored top, worn with denim shorts or bermuda shorts for a casual look;

The brightly colored shirt in fuchsia pink or for the more sober ones in pastel pink coupled with white pants, two very trendy colors to have a B.C.B.G look during the summer evenings.