In a constantly evolving sector such as the hotel and restaurant industry, training is at the heart of our HR missions. Each year, during the annual interviews, a study of the needs of each employee is carried out in order to be able to set up all the necessary training during the following year. 

Whether it's to improve one's know-how, perfect one's foreign language skills or deepen one's customer service skills, we offer our employees a wide range of training courses so that they have all the keys they need to feel at ease in their day-to-day tasks!

We are also committed to developing the life skills of each of our employees. This year at the Hôtel le B d'Arcachon, training courses such as conflict management or the development of management skills have been offered, and several of our employees have also attended training courses on time management and stress management in recent months.

In addition to increasing skills, training is a lever for developing self-confidence, autonomy and motivation. All of these elements are linked to well-being at work.

"Intellectual nourishment, keeping an open mind, being curious and learning from everything around us also requires training. The training on conflict management was very instructive, useful and applicable in all our social interactions. Thank you Inwood for offering us these great opportunities!" Maud, Reservation Agent at Hotel le B in Arcachon.

At Inwood Hotels, all personalities are different and for this reason we are happy to organise as many training sessions as there are needs! In this way, we hope to improve the quality of life at work for our employees and contribute to their daily well-being!