Dear Lovers,

2022, the year that let us reconnect with the beauty of life. Travel, sharing, adventure, optimism... Have returned more than ever to our hearts and give the opportunity to open a new chapter in our history. A radiant chapter, that provide us with dreaming, buzzing and above all: loving.

What if 2023 will purely and simply be the year of love? Love, this primary symbol that binds us and gives meaning to life.

Under the dim lights of a lobby, seated at a restaurant table or in the privacy of a hotel room, love is everywhere within our walls. Hand in hand, passionate staff, curious travelers, amazed influencers, talented partners and discovery lovers share the same adventure: the Inwood Lovers adventure. You & Us, who are making our hotels shine through French Arts of Living and unique sensory experiences.

For Inwood, there is no finer art than Love. Here is the supreme art. It is the art of arousing emotion, without ever stopping it.

Together, we are the beating heart of Inwood Hotels. Together we are the Inwood Lovers.

In 2023, let's celebrate the love that binds and drives us!