The Inwood Hotels group opens the doors to a world of twelve hotels, each offering a unique experience. Blending benevolence, Art of Living, love and joy, Inwood Hotels continues to reinvent itself. Expanded by two new establishments, located in the enchanting setting of the Côte d'Azur, the Inwood constellation now shines from Paris to the South-East, via Bordeaux and Arcachon. To mark these crucial milestones, the group has adopted a new visual identity. Here we lift the veil on the latest adventures of Inwood Hotels...

A new visual identity for an evolving group

The Inwood Group is constantly reinventing itself, thanks to all the Inwood Lovers: customers, partners and collaborators. While keeping its Arts of Living at its core, Inwood presents itself in a new light. The line, the logo, the colors... every graphic element celebrates the beauty, excellence and uniqueness of the group. The result is a sober, uncluttered visual identity in which Inwood's two "o "s intertwine. The two vowels symbolize sharing, the union of Inwood Lovers and the attentive care of the staff who look after our guests. Black, a timeless tone, blends perfectly with gold, adding a precious touch to the whole. On our websites, our social networks and very soon in all our hotels, you'll be able to admire this new identity. A new chapter opens in the history of Inwood Hotels!

One hotel group, three experiences

Beyond the stars that adorn its establishments, Inwood Hotels seeks to share its values of hospitality with each and every one of its guests. Looking for accommodation? Inwood offers you experiences. Three, to be exact.

Experience true refinement with our luxury hotels. Distinguished by their refined aesthetics and bespoke service, they are designed for those who seek perfection. Their unique, immersive services will make your stay unforgettable. Looking for an elegant, affordable experience? Our boutique hotels stand out for their warm, intimate ambience, close to the traveler's concerns. Their ideal locations make them essential points of interest in the heart of the city. Finally, Inwood Hotels will soon be sharing its first lifestyle experience in Bordeaux. Offering a wide range of services and unrivalled facilities, everything is in place for travelers to experience a totally immersive stay. From morning to night, live to the rhythm of the hotel and its shared spaces!

The Art of Living to enhance your experience

Because travel is a unique opportunity to share and meet new people, the Inwood hotel group has chosen to offer unique experiences, full of charm, refinement and love. Each of our establishments has its own Art of Living, immersing you in a universe that extends from the rooms to the common areas. To illustrate this, the Derby Alma invites you to immerse yourself in the codes of haute couture, from the elegant atmosphere of the boudoir in the rooms to the designer decor of the lobby. Also in Paris, to name but a few, Le Walt, Le Tourville and Le Monna Lisa take you in turn to the inspiring studio of the painter, the romantic atmosphere of the writer and the creative haven of the sculptor. And yet, whichever establishment you choose, you'll find the essential values that make up Inwood's DNA. The Art of Living may be seen in every detail. From gourmet breakfasts to comfortable bedding and refined works of art and furnishings. Timeless culture combines with contemporary audacity to create a new aesthetic. But above all, the Inwood spirit is reflected in the excellence of the welcome, the benevolence of the teams and the love that binds us all.

The new jewels of the Inwood hotel group

While we wait for the Burdigala to complete its transformation, the Inwood constellation is adorned with two new stars! The Imperial Garoupe and Hotel Malmaison add their Mediterranean flair to the Inwood portfolio. The first hotel, ideally located in the unspoilt and renowned Cap d'Antibes, nestles in the heart of a garden of a thousand scents, just a stone's throw away from the beach. L'impérial Garoupe is a five-star cocoon that invites you to take a timeless break. The second is a four-star boutique hotel in the heart of Nice, close to the old town, the beaches and the famous Promenade des Anglais. The Hôtel Malmaison, a boutique hotel inspired by the 1920s, will seduce you with its warm atmosphere and Art Deco style.

Experiences come and go, but the Inwood spirit remains: life, together, with kindness, elegance and enchantment!