In 1881, the editor of the newspaper Le Gaulois, Arthur Meyer, wanted his readers to be able to visualize the personalities mentioned in his daily life.

Indeed, photography was not yet a tool exploited by the press of the time. Meyer thus decided to ask the sculptor, costume designer and theatre cartoonist Alfred Grévin to help him, in order to create the sculptures of the personalities «of the moment».

On June 05, 1882, the Grévin museum makes its appearance and immediately attracts a large public.

Still today, the Grévin Museum remains a major attraction, and today counts nearly 300 wax characters photographed by about 700,000 visitors a year.

Actors, sportsmen or international and French singers, as many stars reproduced in the same way in wax statue. The result is realistic that you will not believe your eyes.

Today there are 3 other Greek museums in the world, in Montreal, Prague and Seoul.


The first striking thing of the Grévin museum is its exceptional architectural heritage. First of all, you pass by the marble staircase built by the architect Rives in 1990. Then you will get lost in the Palais des Mirages, where you will see an impressive sound and light show.

Once the performance is complete, explore the various themed rooms of the museum, where you will meet the various «celebrities» represented in the museum.

To get to the Grévin Museum, we recommend using public transportation, including the 8, 9, Grands Boulevards or Richelieu-Drouot metro stations.

During your next visit, we advise you to download the free mobile app to learn more about the personalities of the museum and Grevin himself.

The Grévin Museum is one of these timeless attractions of Paris, which will not fail to have fun, whatever your age!