Inwood likes the Papilles coffee shop brunch

Over the past few years, brunch has become an essential meal of the weekend. It is the perfect meal that combines breakfast and lunch... We are always looking for the best brunches to satisfy your sharp palates. Several options exist: buffet, plate service... Shall we start with sweet or salty? So many possibilities for an exquisite meal!

Recently, we discovered the Papilles café-bistro located in the 9th arrondissement in Paris. It offers an all-day breakfast menu served from Thursday to Monday from 9am to 5pm. We were seduced by their menu with various possibilities: from soft pancakes with crispy bacon to a chicken teriyaki banhnini sandwich. We were able to taste fresh and quality products served by an attentive and welcoming staff.

Pancakes to die for!

We recommend their pancakes, a pure delight! They have everything to please: soft and airy. Their classics are delicious. We also loved the eggs Bénédicte and their avocado toast.

In terms of drinks, we recommend the oat milk cappucino: a perfect substitute for those who don't like milk! The fruit juices are also fresh and worthy of the menu tasted.

We very much appreciated the fact that it offers original dishes in addition to the classics. We were able to try the croque-monsieur with pleurotes: a dish as original as it is delicious... Or the chicken teriyaki sanwich bahnini with carrot and coriander pickles.

Fancy a brunch this weekend? Go to Papilles for a gourmet break in a relaxed atmosphere...