I invite you to live today a trip out of time in the heart of Paris with the Arts et Métiers Museum, my Parisian heart stroke! The place is unusual because the museum is in the old abbey of Saint-Martin-des-Champs.

I was surprised by its size and the breadth of the topics covered. It is an essential place to understand the technologies of today. The pieces presented are exceptional for their rarity or their scientific interest.


Created in 1794 by the Abbé Grégoire, this museum makes us discover the inventions of the great ones of this world. This is a real showcase of "genius" that will awaken your curiosity!

The treasures it contains trace the history of techniques in seven areas: scientific instruments, materials, construction, communication, energy, mechanics and transportation.

The visit is a rich discovery, exciting and atypical. I had the impression to make a jump in time by discovering the different inventions such as the time calculator of Blaise Pascal, the water clock, the clock collection of Louis Ferdinand Berthoud or the telegraph Chappe telegraph...

I leave you with this quote from Michel Millot that I really like: "There is no innovation without disobedience"!

"Love, Art and Allure"