IN THE SPOTLIGHT                                       

The difference between theatre and cinema is that you feel more proximity with the characters in theatre. There is a human side more pronounced, it is more down-to-earth. And there is the performance of the comedians which is also very different. In theatre, at each representation the comedians have to give a good performance. If a comedian forgets his text, even just one time, it can jeopardize the representation. In cinema there is some kind of stability, because the format is different and because there isn’t the “live” aspect of theatre.

There is a quite ancient aspect in theatre, this art exists since Antiquity and still remains to this day.

There are numerous types of plays, and the one I want to speak about today is the one of comedy. The art of making people laugh isn’t easy, it requires a lot of efforts and of energy from the comedians, as well as some creativity.


Recently I went to a play which name was “The comedy about a bank robbery”, it is currently played in French at Le Palace in Paris (did you know that Le Palace used to be a disco club in the 70’s?).

The play is very creative, the comedians are delivering a performance which is almost acrobatic sometimes, especially a very funny scene where the floor is vertical (I don’t tell anything more) or an abseiling musical scene.

By the way while speaking of music I was going to forget to precise that the play includes an instrumental part well developed. In particular there is a group which alternate between performing and playing live music during others scenes. This is a true asset.

I can only encourage you to go see this play, to release tension and to have a good laugh.


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