My dear readers,

"Autumn is winter's spring". This quote from Toulouse-Lautrec perfectly illustrates the most beautiful season of the year: autumn.

Nature is one of my main sources of inspiration and the rich colors of autumn have always awakened my creativity. I am seduced by the landscapes that this season offers us, by its smells. I delight to admire the falling leaves, the mushrooms that invade the soil, the flamboyant colors of the plants.

In autumn, small frosts are sometimes felt but the season often provides us with beautiful "Indian summer" days! There is something magical about autumn, the colors are warmer, deeper, the forest shines, the leaves sparkle...


For centuries, artists have been captivated by the shimmering colors of autumn. Many artists have inspired this beautiful season with many colors to design beautiful paintings, to write their best poetry or to compose pieces of music.

It's a magical season for painters, especially for impressionists like Camille Pissarro and Claude Monnet.

« Effet d’automne à Argenteuil » is a splendid painting by Claude Monnet that I particularly appreciate. This masterpiece gives us a bright and colorful view of an autumn in Argenteuil. In the distance you can see the village, the blue of the sky dotted with a few clouds meets the blue of the water. The foliage, of magical and fragile beauty, is like fire!

Autumn has always been a special theme for painters. Some saw in the autumn colors the promise of a new life, other the end of days. But none of them are indifferent to this season and each painters find a lot of emotion and inspiration!

See you soon!