My weekend guilty pleasure is brunch, this custom that comes from the United States is now well established in France and especially in Paris where there are many addresses. Every Sunday, like a ritual, I like to try a new brunch address and today I wanted to share some of my favorites.

Whether it is to be shared as a couple, with friends or family, this tradition is a good compromise for a real moment of happiness. Halfway between breakfast and lunch, composed of either sweet or savoury dishes, it brings everyone in line and satisfies the taste buds of the greediest of us all.


Not easy to make a selection among all the restaurants and cafes where you can brunch in Paris, I still wanted to share my favorites, where I like to go regularly. My favorite address is none other than Fragments, it is the cult brunch of Paris, they make the best avocado toasts. I really enjoy BigLove Caffé, this trattoria serves an Italian brunch in the heart of the Marais. If you are fond of pancakes, you should go to one of the Kozy coffeshops where pancakes are delicious, you can accompany it with a smoothie or a juice. For gourmets who want to brunch during the week, I recommend the Café Foufou.

With the return of sunny days, a special address caught my attention: Apicius, a brunch signed by Mathieu Pacaud. Served in the beautiful garden of this Michelin-starred restaurant, the chef offers a brunch made with fresh and seasonal products. The perfect opportunity to enjoy the sun while feasting in a bucolic and chic atmosphere.

"Love, Brunch and Elegance"