As you know, I like to share with you some essential Parisian addresses.  They are diverse and can range from a museum to a district or a café. I love to pass on my Parisian knowledge which allows you to discover unusual places within the City of Light, often forgotten by tourists who prefer to go to famous places, which sometimes do not reflect the true atmosphere prevailing in Paris, the one I appreciate so much which is the very essence of my magnificent city.

I decided today to write an article about Parisian squares that are real places to live in the capital, historic restaurants that are resurfacing today, the Bouillons de Paris.

THE BOUILLONS DE PARIS                                                        

The Parisian Bouillons, are the historic restaurants of the capital that were created at the end of the 19th century. They were born in the working class thanks to a butcher who reused the low pieces of meat by serving them as broth to the workers of Les Halles at a derisory price. Emblematic places of the Belle Époque, which gradually lost notoriety and almost disappeared in the 1930s before resurrecting a few years ago.

These very large establishments that turn like large factories with a warm atmosphere, an unusual decoration with their large red benches and traditional menus made up of the great classics of French gastronomy. A simple and efficient home cuisine made with fresh and seasonal ingredients.  Les Bouillons offers you unbeatable prices for the city of Paris in a typically Parisian atmosphere. Restaurants in which it is a pleasure to spend time with friends to enjoy a good meal in a warm and family atmosphere that will allow you to discover Paris like you have never seen it before.

"Love, Bouillon and Elegance"