Dear readers,

I wanterd to share with you today my passion for the traditions of the holiday season. How not be in awe of our French capital who adorn its finest Christmas decorations ! For many years now, I have a habit of walking in the different Christmas markets of Paris, including the unavoidable Champs-Elysées’ market. A true Christmas village that plunges us into a magical world through its various wooden chalets devoted to French gastronomy and craft.

So I decided to go, from the first day of opening, at this Christmas market. When I arrived, I could feel the festive atmosphere where tradition and friendliness mingled. Over the stalls, I hated the food that traders offered me nicely and already I elaborated the menu that would compose our Christmas dinner : Foie fras, Saint-Jacques, salmon, oysters, lobster, caviar, Christmas log or the turkey. Ideas abounded in my mind…


Night was falling, I gradually went up the Champs-Elysées seeing off the magnificent Big Wheel of the Place de la Concorde. My last round dated back to the years, and I don’t kwod why the urge took me and I decided to do this attraction. The view was amazing, I admired the panorama that stretched the Champs-Elysées to the Louvre… I was quiet, fascinated by the beauty of the Parisian architecture punctuated by the Christmas lights.

My day ended in one the hotel Inwood Hotels, and a quote from John Calvin Coolidge came to my mind « Christmas is not a day or a sean, it’s a state of mind. »

My dear readers, see you soon !