Dear readers,

A few days ago, I received a message from Elena, It was an invitation to attend the opening ceremony of an exhibition at the Champs-Elysées theater. I asked her if I ought to foresee anything in particular for this event, but she only asked me to be particularly well dressed. Although, I wanted to make a good impression to her, for the first time in my life, I decided to contain my curiosity and not to inquire about this sortie. In the evening, I should found her at the bottom of Avenue Montaigne, in front of the theater. Few minutes after, I reached the destination, I do not know why, my eyes were attracted by a taxi which stopped far away.

I saw a young woman coming out, my gaze was simply captivated, she was dressed with a long red dress. I could not contemplate her face but she was dazzling by her elegance. Little by little, I saw her approaching me, at this moment, I recognized Elena's face. She greeted me with a mischievous smile, at this moment I looked stupid because I could not answer, I was speechless! Absolutely petrified by her beauty.

When I found my spirit, I hastened to offer my arm to her,  she grasped it and we penetrated this magnificent monument of art deco style of the 20th century.


When we were inside, I understood that it was the famous opening ceremony dedicated to the Designer Christmas Trees. I never had the chance to participate to it, although I followed it very carefully. Indeed, every year, at holidays time, recognized signatures from fashion world, the design, even the architecture, offer their talents to reinterpret the fabulous Christmas tree. This event is highly expected at the end of the year because the association is proud to count great names such as Jean-Paul Gauthier, Chantal Thomas, Chanel or even the famous Maison Dior.

The beauty of this event lies in the fact that the works created are sold for auction during Gala evening, all donations being donated to a charity for the fight against cancer. It was the first time, that I attended such event, especially in the fashion sector that I particularly like. It was a privilege to be in these places, surrounded by the most affluent French creators in the world of fashion. I was impressed and particularly flattered that Elena dared to invite me to this  event of this magnitude.

The evening unfolded perfectly, we were ecstatic and impressed by each designed pieces, all more original than the others. Once again, we had a perfect evening. We had never stopped looking in our eyes, with a kind of spark in them. It was not just a look, for me it was much more expressive. Once the evening ended and a few sips of champagne drank, I accompanied him to the exit in order to order a cab.

Alas, I had not time to talk to her that the taxi was already there, in a hurry, we were hugging, but my mind reflected more quickly than a flash, then I grabbed her hand and I kissed her with passion. This kiss lasted forever. Passion and voluptuousness blended to awaken our senses and especially our hearts. I written to you still euphoric of a such moment... Stars in the eyes and heart on fire.

See you soon !