My dear readers,

A mythical place, a lung of air in the heart of the capital: The Place des Vosges is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and most appreciated of Paris!

This unique place in the Marais is the oldest in the capital. When it was built in 1605, during the reign of Henri IV, it was named "Place Royale".

In August 1792, it became the place of the Federates, then the Indivisibility place less than a year later.

It is in 1800 that it is named for the first time place des Vosges. It bears this name in honor of the department of the Vosges, the first department to have paid the tax under the French Revolution.


This Parisian place is a jewel, its brick architecture gives it a real cachet.

The place is perfect to stroll, it is a magical place, out of time, not to be missed to immerse yourself in the Paris of yesteryear!

The apartment that Victor Hugo rented from 1832 to 1848 is located on this unique square. The current museum will take you through his life while evoking his writings, through the furniture, objects and works of art that belonged to him or the one he created himself.

It is always a pleasure to visit his home, I discover details that had escaped me in my previous passages.

You will discover the place of life of Victor Hugo, but also other facets of his personality as his paintings or his woodwork.

Place des Vosges is a magnificent place marked by the spirit of a great man, Victor Hugo!

Before you leave my dear readers, I am anxious to share with you an excerpt from Rolande Causse's poem: "At the heart of the square, the royal square. Under the trees, elderly women, near fountains, schoolchildren. A haven steeped in stories. 

See you soon!