I love summer in Paris. The capital breathes again and it is a real pleasure to be able to enjoy a sluggish city.

Stroll through the narrow streets of Paris, read a book on the banks of the Seine, relax in the shade of a tree in the Tuileries garden... there is something for everyone!

This year, even more than all the others, I was impatient to see these days of heat arrive!

All seasons are magical, but summer has something extra! Whether you go on vacation or not, the summer is a real change!

Small accessories are essential to our panoply of the perfect vacationer to start the summer as it should!


But what are the must-have of this summer 2018?

Find my selection of essentials to parade on the beach!

Denim shorts, the essential piece of our summer wardrobe! It returns every year to ensure a casual look. I recommend this year, the high-waisted shorts. In the style of Jean Levis 501 sheared, it holds a place of choice in our wardrobe. It adapts, moreover, to all types of morphology and fits with all parts. A real must-have!

Comfortable and summery, espadrilles are the trendy shoes to adopt this summer! Whether flat or offset, they have become the trendy shoes to wear. They break in high fashion boutiques such as Chanel or Christian Louboutin!

The trend Hippie Chic will be in the spotlight this summer. Feel free to wear ethnic jewelry that will bring originality to your outfits. A colorful necklace, shimmering feathers will dress a simple outfit and will give your figure a boost!

Summer is here and you are now ready to tackle this season with confidence!

"Love, Fashion and Elegance"