My dear readers,

I wish to speak to you today about my special relationship with the United States of America. As you know, I lived for several years in New York. This period marked me, which symbolizes the proximity between our two countries, which is why this building is so important to me.

The influence of American culture in France and more particularly in Paris draws its sources in history. Indeed, the French ideals in politics were of great influence besides the Atlantic. Thus, the aid of France in the creation of the United States of America was significant. Later, many intellectuals and traders settled on the Old Continent. Since then, the two countries seem to have built a solid friendship, transmitted from generation to generation and especially a friendship that is felt in both nations. The American Church participates fully in the promotion of American culture in France.


As I said, I am all the more sensitive to the institution that American Church embodies, because it promotes a culture in which I have been bathed for several years. And I feel in love with it. There is something exceptional in this culture, an open-mindedness and an uncommon tolerance. It’s as if American culture was part of my destiny. A manifest destiny, you will say…

I like to share my experience with Elena. I like to take her to the concerts and recitals organized by the American representatives in Paris. I like to see it moved, I like to see it exchange with joy with American friends. I love these moments of unity. It reminds me of the American emblem: “E pluribus unum”, “Of several one”….

See you soon!