Dear readers,

In summer, when most of Parisians are going on holidays in the four corners of the world or in every corner of France, I love to stay here to work and have a walk on warm evenings with Elena.

During august, despite of an almost stifling ambient heat, we can share those rare moments where life seems to be stopped. We can wander in a bar or a park, walk alongside the Seine or take a river bus; things that we can’t do the rest of the year.

Henry de Montherlant, member of the French Academy, said “People are astonished that you don’t leave Paris in summer, but they don’t understand that it is because they are living that you stay”.


Paris develops a sort of new wonder through the month. Paris reborn as a modern city finding its ancient residents with few lost tourists asking you for help.

By taking care of avoiding the too attractive zones (or being there at good hours) we lived an amazing experience. This romantic place where you can’t feel freedom and quietness the rest of the year. That’s how I take advantages of this period to reconsider my ideas and to get fresh new ones. I also try to have an open mind on my works in order to perfect them.

Another aspect about august that help me to wait for this month, is the light that shine on the buildings. This period help me to see things clearer.

Dear readers, those long summer evenings are marvellous and I think that this period is favourable to personal achievement no matter where we are, even if it is easier here in Paris.

See you soon!