Dear readers,

The year 2017 begins, I have the desire to contemplate myself forward, towards the hope that this year 2017 will be marked by the word peace. Certainly the human being was not the most peaceful but I try to persuade myself that we want to change in order to preserve our planet as well as future generations. BY a positive state of mind and especially by improving our ways of living and consuming, fleeing this virtual world to refocus on the beauties that this real world can offer to us. We can believe if each of us wants this world to become better.

It seems to me that many of us dream of this utopian world where everyone finds his place and lives as he wishes. Why not realize this dream now?

I learned this very late, but the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Development and the Petit Palais devote until January 15th an ambitious and unprecedented exhibition of the Art of Peace. I hope it will inspire everyone who attended.


It is strange to observe this simple piece of paper kept in a window as the guarantor of peace between countries and peoples. Yet these documents are valuable, they are presented to the public for the first time. The treatises and other documents resulting from the diplomatic archives were chosen from among the most emblematic in the history of international relations of France.

In order to make this exhibition more playful, these institutions took care to accompany these documents with paintings, sculptures, precious objects of art and archives filmed in order to place them in their historical context for younger people and better understand them by unveiling the process of their negotiation from the Middle Ages to the present.

The ambition of this exhibition is to stimulate the reflection of the visitors on the ideal of peace carried by France throughout the centuries and to rediscover elements determining our collective and individual memory.

Dear readers, I wish you a delightful evening by quoting an illustrious Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius « Who lives in peace with himself lives in peace with the universe. »

See you soon!