My dear readers,

I had the chance to visit Bordeaux recently, it was a relaxing and very enriching trip. It is true that I am a great admirer of Paris, but I sometimes have a heart swinging for another city, and I must admit that Bordeaux has seduced me.

I absolutely wanted to return to this city to enjoy its festive atmosphere especially during the holidays of the end of year. Staying at the Hotel La Bourdonnais, I asked Julien, very kind receptionist of this hotel, to recommend one of their Inwood Hotels group within the sleeping beauty. After a good night's sleep I left for Bordeaux.

Once I arrived, I decided to go directly to the Inwood hotel named Burdigala in order to deposit my things there. I was pleasantly seduced as soon as I entered in this vast hall with modern decor with matt colors, a form of contemporary refinement in the heart of Bordeaux.

I suddenly understood why Julien had pointed this place. The charm of a hotel lies not only in the beauty of its rooms or its breakfast room, it is above all women and men who give it life. As in every Inwood boutique hotel, each person works for the well-being of guests who staying at the hotel and this was particularly appreciated. I then picked up the keys from my room and thanked the receptionist for his efficiency and hospitality. Sober, elegant and resolutely contemporary, I was also charmed by my room.


The weather was radiant and I was particularly happy to be in this city because I was not going to discover it alone. Coming to Bordeaux was also an opportunity for me to find a fantastic childhood friend: Walter. A smiling, charming and altruistic man who has always communicated me his joy of life and sustained in the moments of doubt that inflicts to us our life. Visiting Bordeaux with him was a real celebration for me. We met on the terrace of the Burdigala before strolling in the heart of Bordeaux.

This meeting was particularly intense because this man, as myself, likes to discuss and rave about every beauty that this world can offer to us. We went to eat in a restaurant called « Les Cadets » exquisite and full of conviviality before enjoying few drinks in the historic center of this city.

We had spent the evening talking about all the more exciting topics! Life and especially Bordeaux inspired us. I returned to my charming hotel, ready to enjoy a restful sleep.

The next day, the awakening was difficult, I did not want to leave this little cloud... but it was necessary, I had to return to Paris. On the train, admiring the scenery, I thought back with Walter, our discussions once again allowed me to realize that we alone go faster but together we go much further!

See you soon!