My dear readers,

If you like to disguise yourself and parade through the streets of Paris, I look forward to seeing you on Sunday, February 11, 2018 for the 21st edition of the unmissable Carnival of Paris! The theme: “Les Contes de Perrault et d’ailleurs” will awaken your imagination.

Everyone need good mood and friendliness. This festive event will bring you joy, happiness and positive energy.

This great parade promises wonder and fun. A dozen tanks, puppets, hundreds of costumed characters, thousands of dancers and musicians will be at the rendezvous.

Shaped by history and Parisian identity, Carnival creates bridges between neighbourhoods. This national event is a real showcase of the dynamic neighbourhoods of the city.


The history of the Carnival of Paris goes back to the middle Ages. From 1952 to 1997, the Parisians no longer celebrated this event and have ignored for years that it was one of the most popular and most festive Carnival of Europe. At that time, the celebrations lasted several weeks, from the Epiphany to Mardi-Gras.

Although the Carnival of Paris does not have the splendour of the great carnivals of Rio or Venice, I attended a few years ago an exceptional parade. The Carnival focused on the theme "From elsewhere”. We had left Gambetta Square to finish the parade on the Place de l'Hotel de Ville.

I have an incredible memory of this gathering, it gave me an overflowing joy and a breath of fresh air.

This thousand-year-old tradition still brings together thousands of people. For many of us, Carnival is the promise of a happy moment in a year.

This euphoria, the music, the atmosphere are moments that remain etched in the mind and give a smile as soon as you think about it. My kind readers, I would definitely repeat this experience with great pleasure and high recommend it!

See you soon!