Fashion fascinate me, I love her parades, her sumptuous clothes but unfortunately I'm short of time. Between my work, transport, it is difficult now to enjoy my favorite hobby: shopping!

This is why I decided to use a Personal Shopper that allows me to be aware of new arrivals, new shops and great deals!

A personal shopper is a personalized stylize that advises you and selects for you the outfits that correspond to your personality, to your morphology.

He brings you his knowledge of the garment, in terms of cuts, textiles and in terms of style and trend.

Did you find your style? Are you more "rock", "boyfriend" or "Hippie Chic"? A personal shopper listens to you and accompanies you in your choice so that your style fits perfectly to your personality. He helps you to adopt this new style and points you to the appropriate shops.




I was looking for someone to whom I could fully trust, who would give me a sincere opinion. Then, I went to my favorite shopping center, the Beaugrenelle Center, a must-see Parisian address!

I met Cécile H who has more than 22 years of experience in the world of fashion and beauty. Cécile has selected for me pieces corresponding to my desires and my tastes. She had made some research before taking me to the shop. We are met a first time so that she could better understand my needs.

Our second meeting was at the Beaugrenelle Center. In just two hours, Cecile managed to find me little treasures. Outfits that I never dared to buy and that fit me perfectly, both for form and style and colors. It was a great pleasure and that's why I highly recommend you this experience!

Whether you are a man or a woman, fashion enthusiast or not, the personal shopper accompanies you and advises you! It will help you optimize your time!

Do not wait any longer to enjoy their exceptional and unique services!

« Love, Fashion and Elegance »