Dear readers,

As you already know, Inwood and I share the same values, but also a common passion for the French Arts of Living. Each of the hotels of the group introduces a different Art of Living, offering a universe dedicated to these Arts that we all know.

So, what is the French Art of Living? Is it a notion invented by the French people to prove their distinction and satisfy their arrogant desires? Or is it a concept invented by foreigners in order to mock or admire our culture?

It is true that France and the French people hold a particular image in the eyes of the world, sometimes negative, sometimes positive. France remains an object of fantasy for many people who want to discover its unique charm.


France is above all about culture. A rich history, the spirit of the Enlightenment, the nation of artists and philosophers.

France is also about an extraordinary heritage, represented by the Châteaux of the Loire Valley, Versailles or the Eiffel Tower. It is also the country of museums, theatres, cinemas, bookshops, art galleries and cafés with terraces.

The issue of defining this concept is that everything in France seems to be Art (or at least the French people make of everything an art: the art of conversing, the critical spirit, the culinary art, the art of receiving guests, gastronomy, hospitality, luxury and haute couture, romanticism and love.

Everything in France makes you live an intense experience of beautiful things that you can find in the four corners of the country, in a thousand of different manners.

Dear readers, Alexandre Dumas, a famous French writer once said: “God invented Parisian people in order for foreigners to understand nothing in the French people”. This quote perfectly mirrors my text.

See you soon!