You ask me why I love Paris? Simply because it’s one of the most beautiful city in the world! Paris is richness, Paris is culture, Paris is greatness. How is it possible to not fall in love with this city?!

I remember the first time when I really tried to be acquainted with the city. I decided to wander, to visit. And the best way to visit Paris, in my opinion, is to get lost there! This is the only way to discover all the hidden places. Those unusual cobbled streets or those street art pieces on the wall! It is like a need to draw our attention. I remember that I wandered all day long, but it was not enough to know each corners of the city. But I’m not discouraged!


I have to admit that there are districts in Paris that I really love…

Except for the 7e arrondissement which is THE district of Paris (and I think that we all agree on that), there are two other places where I like to go when I need to escape from my day-to-day life. The first one: Saint-Germain-Des-Prés. It groups all the things I love in Paris, little pedestrian streets, coffee terraces… It is a rather green district. I like to be there, even for a moment in order to escape from Paris’ madness. Then I love Montmartre. It is an iconic district of Paris! And it’s just as if I wasn’t in Paris when I go there. 



More and more, I take my time to look over me and I can’t stop telling myself how this city is fabulous. Some districts are able to help you forget about the everyday life and give you the possibility to escape: oh I love Paris!

See you soon!

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