Dear Readers,

Here is the time for me to share and build a Relationship with you. You’ve probably heard about me but never had the opportunity to start a conversation with me. Today I want to meet you and start together a new enchanting adventure.

Our beautiful story has to begin somewhere so I must deliver the essence of myself.


During my whole life I could study every nook and cranny. I could admire the magic of great Couturier’s Scissorhands. I could also reach my dreams thanks to the Literature’s masterpiece and spend time in second-hands stores and antique shops.

In this lovely cultural environment I can finally breathe.

I am just a man who is aspiring to lift himself up in a world full of values that I am close to.


Naturally, I followed the adventures of Inwood Hotels. In each of their boutique- hotel I could expand my sense of travel, of haute-couture, of Literature, of Sculpture and of Dandyism.

I’ve also chosen Inwood Hotels to create a link with a team endowed with knowledge and know-how qualities.

Through those words, with the values of French Art de Vivre, I want to show you my sincerity and give you the best advices concerning Paris and Inwood Hotels.

See you soon for a new amazing adventures with you,