Dear Readers,

It is such magical to be surprised by unexpected scents. When you discover a nice perfume, it is similar to taste a good meal. When I came to the hotel La Bourdonnais belonging to Inwood Hotels, I was immersed in the aroma of sweet and Malagasy’s vanilla fragrance. Fascinated by this lovely smell, I decided to go to the Fragonard’s Museum and for exploring this powerful sense.


Built in 1860, the Fragonard Museum is a prestigious architectural Napoleon III site. The Museum is home of the perfume’s universe and introduce the audience to a huge collector’s item about perfumery as bottles of perfume or perfumer consoles. In a world dedicated to the perfumery Art, the Fragonard Museum reveals also trade secrets. An exquisite and enchanting guided tour.


When I come inside the museum I felt immediately carried away by an intense universe. Suddenly, the absorbing notes of wooden and floral elements took me off to a sensual world which reminds me a familiar perfume. The one of her skin covered by enchanting spicy scents. The heady fragrances of Gardenia and Jasmin whispered me the name of an old passion. The passion I had for Maria. I remember she wore it the first time I met her. How beautiful she was the first time she wore it.  The ripples of her blond Hair were floating over a long and blue satin dress and I remember how good was the smell released from her neck! What was it? « Etoile » the only jewel Maria had this night.

The smell of a lover is unforgettable and dear readers, as Walt Whitman used to write: « Perfume of a rose still remains inside the hand which offered it ».

See You soon,