Dear readers,

I've always been fascinated , and even a little jealous by the ability of artists to transcribe their thoughts through their works. Knowing how to use their ingenuity to give life to a canvas or materials of any kind. I learnt pottery younger but the result was hardly conclusive. I told me with great disappointment that I was probably not someone manual...

This dark thought was driven by an unexpected discovery. I often walk at Porte de Versailles because of the various fairs that arouse my curiosity in this place, I was surprised by a theme that I had not yet explored. This is the Make It Yourself exhibition.          


Sometimes life quietly shows us the path we must take to flourish. For me it was the make it yourself exhibition that has annihilated my frustration of not knowing create something with my hands. As a child, I was amazed to discover simple ways to do original things always aiming to please my neighbor. A rainbow colored sky enhanced by a diversity of matter and form, so much inspiration that allowed me to be able to give life to my "creations". This show transmits a value that is dear to me : sharing... I had the chance to find by chance an old friend, Edouard. He discovered a passion for renovating furniture, to give them a second life. I was delighted to come across him, he looked happy and that fills me with happiness.

The 21th edition of the Make It Yourself exhibition will come from 16 to 20 November 2017 at Porte de Versailles. Hoping that it inspires you to approach Christmas. This is an exposition that stimulates our desire to create by ourselves. And do not forget "Creativity is intelligence which having fun" Albert Einstein.

See you soon !