Dear Readers,

This is in 1984 that had been organized, for the first time, the European Heritage Days. I was 3 years old, and I haven’t any memories, however, my father often told me this day, when he took me to visit the USA’s embassy. He often described me my amazed look, the envy that I had to explore every nook and cranny of the edifice, the smile which was fixed on my face… This day marked the beginning of a tradition: Visit a monument, each year.


This year, the European Heritage Days will take place on the 17th and 18th September 2016, and, as each year, I will go there with my father. The theme “patrimony and citizenship” will animate those days, an interesting subject because patrimony is, in fact, the heritage of a community. This common patrimony is the base of our ideas, our values, but mainly, our citizenship.

Thus, I browse the program of this year, to find a visit which will pleased to my father.  The couvent des auxiliatrices, the park of the Château de Bourron, the Sainte-Anne collection… All those choices which impose themselves to me! I search, I hesitate, I inquire… Finally, this is the Palais de Béhague that I want to discover. This is a former private mansion which has become, last century, the Romania embassy. I look forward discovering the architecture, the decorations and the history which is hidden behind this place.

To finish this day, this is in a hotel from the group Inwood Hotels that I will go with my father, to drink cocktails, reminding us the anecdotes we would have learnt. I remind me the previous visits, when an ancient Spanish proverb comes to my mind “There is one love: the father’s one”.

See you soon!