Dear readers,

We are lucky to live in a world that I consider as rich, rich regarding of opportunities and experiences that a life can offer to us if we accept to live it completely. Today, I am young and I have the gift of being healthy. Being aware of this chance, I force myself to surpass myself, to pass above this little voice which says « No, it's impossible, you can not do it! ». I try to go against these words in order to try new things.

There is a challenge that I would like to talk to you, a challenge for which I have been fighting for several months now and which is approaching, it is the marathon of Paris.

What happens to me? I was with a friend named Eric, the time passing we were talking about our life and more precisely the things we always dreamed to do. Strangely, we quickly realized that we wanted to do a marathon, still in full force of age we wanted to prove that we were able to keep the distance physically and psychologically. Indeed, the difficulty of running a marathon does not lie in the physical endurance to take each stride but in the mental capacity to never to give up.


We have therefore begun since few months a physical and mental preparation for this challenge. Our goal is not to finish at the first place, it is obvious that it will be impossible if we achieve such a feat. No, the first objective is simply to cross the endline... As the event approaches, we ask ourselves many questions... Why I am doing this? Will I changed then? What would I be thinking at that moment? Will I hold till the end?

We have the chance to go through this ordeal together which will help us to never give up. I am not someone who gives up easily nevertheless, it is true that it is always good to have someone at your side who gives to you the energy to not give up in order to finish the marathon. A kind of little boost that will give us the ability to surpass ourselves.

I am stressed that this day is approaching but very enthusiastic about the idea of being ​​confronted to myself. Éric will be there to support me and I will support him, I am happy to live this experience with him, to share this kind of moments always lets unforgettable memories, at least if we hold to the end. Moreover I can not forget that I could see Elena at the end of the marathon to give me the strength to finish the last strides.

Wish me good luck… See you soon!