My dear readers,

While walking in the 11th arrondissement near the Place de la Bastille, I happened to stumble upon the chocolate factory of Alin Ducasse. Certainly, I project myself but instantly, I began to think about Easter. Daisies, rabbits and especially bells with their famous Easter egg hunt! You guessed it, just like Christmas, Easter belongs to the world of children, to the world of dream and imagination! In my childhood, my parents have always played this game, it may sound funny, but it is important to put magic into a child’s life. He will have all the time, once an adult, to realize that life as these moments of joy but also of pain.

When I bent over to look more closely at what this illustrious chef has done, I was going back to childhood, magic carried me once more. I remembered this day running in the house or in the garden in search of these famous eggs...


Without further ado, I went into the shop. I was surprised at the decoration and the spirit which was conveyed there. This factory is a workshop where chocolate is made in a traditional way, these masters work the bean according to traditional methods until we reveal the subtlety of their aromas, in a word all their quintessences. The result is in every way exceptional with products with frank and marked tastes, full of personalities.

The gourmand that I am, would recommend you to hide these chocolates, the sun pointed the end of his nose on our sublime capital, it would be a shame to see these eggs disappear.

Dear readers, accompany the children who will celebrate this day in the mafic of their world and share this moment with the people you love. I will quote you this eveninf, Louis Pauwels, a French journalist and writer of the 20th century « Childhood finds his paradise in the moment. It does not ask for happiness. It is happiness. » I wish you a delightful evening and a happy Easter.

See you soon,