Within the Inwood Hotels group, employees evolve over the years and experience new perspectives and responsibilities. In a supportive role, the heads of department and the Human Resources team, supported by the General Management, act daily to enable their professional development throughout their career.

With eleven entities located in Paris and the South West of France, the nature of the group allows us to encourage internal development, adapted to the aspirations and abilities of each individual.

Acquiring new responsibilities within the same establishment, evolving geographically within the group, or joining a new hotel in order to change the work environment? These are the stories of our Lovers, Ousmane, Louise, Pablo, Manon and many others...

-Ousmane’s love story-
Ousmane is known for his many trips back and forth between the Monna Lisa and the Derby Alma... He began his adventure at Inwood Hotels in 2017 at the Monna Lisa as a Receptionist, and then continued his professional development at the Derby Alma as a Reception Manager. Later, he continued to grow at the Monna Lisa by being named General Manager, and now returns to the Derby Alma in this same position for a new adventure.

-Louise‘s love story-
In July 2021, Louise started her apprenticeship at the Marquis. Curious and passionate, she took advantage of her second year of apprenticeship to evolve and join the ranks of our 5* jewel, the Elysia, in September 2022.

-Pablo’s love story-
Pablo joined the Inwood Cluster in September 2021 as a Sales Assistant. An Inwood Lover ambassador in his spare time, he juggles his phone and Excel spreadsheets to develop the group segment. Having proven his professionalism and motivation, he is promoted to Group Manager in August 2022.

-Manon’s love story-
In 2021, Manon chose Inwood Hotels for her final internship in Human Resources. After 6 months in Paris, she is delighted to return to her beloved region and to continue the Inwood adventure in Bordeaux. She signed her first permanent contract as HR Assistant, and joined Aurore, our HR Manager in the South-West!

We are delighted to support these passionate people who embody the values of the group daily and help inspire us in the development of our business.