The reopening of the Burdigala is approaching soon! The department heads as well as the whole administrative team are working hand in hand to organize the last phases of recruitment. Our teams are gradually settling and to celebrate this we decided to organize an afterwork a few weeks ago. It was an opportunity to gather all our employees around a drink and to share a nice and friendly moment. Our Operations Manager, Emilie Depierrois, took advantage of this event to introduce herself to all the teams. New and old employees were also able to meet and share their different experiences.

"I can't wait to welcome our new employees! Our team will be made up of people who have been part of the Burdigala family for many years in addition to newcomers! A great mix that will give us the opportunity to enrich each other!" 

Lucia, Burdigala Front Desk Manager

We are delighted to see the birth of this team cohesion that is so important to us and we are convinced that it will grow stronger as time goes by!   More than skills, we are looking for people who share the same values and we are looking forward to working together on this great project! Welcome to all our Inwood Lovers!