Almost a year ago, we launched our new internal training program, entitled «Live my Shift!». The concept is simple: for one day, our employees have the opportunity to discover another service, another job, within their own establishment or in another Inwood hotel.

This program answers the various training needs expressed by our employees and contributes to their skills development.

Whether they are receiving a training or being the trainers themselves, the experience is rewarding, and allows everyone to get a better understanding of how a hotel group works. It also provides an opportunity to deepen their skills in a particular field, or to add a new dimension to their job by discovering a closely related profession. That is what Laura, Receptionist at the Champs-Elysées Plaza Hotel, experienced. She came for a day’s training in the Revenue Management department and shared:

«I had the pleasure of being welcomed by Valentin and his team for a «Live my Shift» day. It was a very stimulating moment and it allowed me to better understand a part of my job.
Thanks to the whole team for sharing their knowledge! ».

«Live my shift» is a great success! Today, nearly 35 employees have had the opportunity to follow or lead an internal training day.