We are very pleased to commit with Unisoap for nearly one year.

Created in 2017 in Lyon, Unisoap is the first French association dedicated to the recycling of used soaps for humanitarian purpose. The aim is to transform this waste into resources for populations in need and to give access to hygiene to the most disadvantaged populations around the world.

The process is very simple and accessible to everyone. Our housekeeping team collects used soaps each time the rooms are cleaned, then we store the soaps in one of our hotels. Unisoap is then responsible for collecting and sending soaps to the ESAT (establishment and service for help through work) Myriade of the OVE Foundation, located in Lyon, which will take care of processing them. Some of the soaps will be dedicated to the hygiene education missions carried out by Unisoap, in schools and hospitals. Laura, Head Housekeeper at the Walt hotel and the Tourville, shares:

« As a Head Housekeeper, I feel responsible for the environmental issues that can affect the hotel industry. My teams are involved daily in recycling used soaps and we are proud to help the Unisoap association in this process. There is nothing better than being able to do good for those around you.”

A strong environmental, humanitarian and social commitment to which we are proud to contribute since June 2019. Today we have collected almost 125 kilos of used soap !