Dear readers,

The 104th edition of the Tour de France 2017 will begin on July 1st. The race will take place, as every year, on the roads of our country and will offer a show that many of us are looking forwards to experience.

198 riders will bike from Dusseldorf, Germany, through Belgium and Luxembourg. The race will end on the famous Parisian avenue, the Champs-Elysées. The race, often named the Great Loop, is considered as the hardest and the most prestigious of cycling events. It is also the oldest tour, initiated in 1903 and organised yearly, except during war periods.

The Tour de France is therefore a symbol of our country, and attracts every single year crowds and media form all around the world. This can be observed through the way this sports event influences many artistic areas, such as music, cinema or drawing.


Cycling can be considered as the panacea of individual sport. Indeed, high work capacity, pushing one’s limits, performance-oriented objectives, tactical and strategic intelligence dominate this sport which is more complexe than one can imagine. Cycling is also reserved to a over-trained and determined elit which is little numerous. What is more, team spirit, devotion and sacrifice often leads a runner to victory or defeat…

Moreover, the schools from all the cities hosting a stage of the Tour de France will organise a spelling test for all pupils. The best nine kids from each school will win the right to take part in the backstage of the organisation of the Tour, and this during one day. They will be able to meet with the riders and have access to the podium.

It is unfortunate to see the riders complain about the behaviour of some spectators, which can be embarrassing from time to time. Many professionals even compare themselves to circus animals, which expresses the disrespect they can feel during competition time.

Dear readers, the Tour de France, except from being a unique sports event, proves two things: firstly, you can never give up and always work to realize your dreams. Secondly, France is a beautiful country, full of richness which are waiting for you to discover them...

See you soon !