Dear readers,

French culture is inseparable to literature, to writing and to books in general. Many of us are concerned by this field since their early childhood and are keeping this link with it.

We have the chance to found in Paris a lot of places which look like our old library, for example by walking along the Seine and stopping near those Parisians second-hand book sellers.

Another place become mythical since few years is the ancient book marketplace located in the Georges Brassens Park in the 15e arrrondissement which took place every weekends from 9 AM to 6 PM.

I go there as soon as I can in order to get some treasure, those kind of books that we can’t found anywhere else and that we are proud to place in our private library.


Books from great authors, or less well-known artists, moderns or ancient, kids’ first books… You can found everything!

There, I found for the first time some pieces which draw my intention. Those unusual and rare books are today at the centre of my researches and acquisition.

To give you some examples, I can tell you about those book-objects they are so hard to understand, but a truly masterpiece mixing all the books element in a particular style. It took the typography to give an artistic style to the book. Those objects are published in few copy only all produced by the author.

I also love to get poor-books, which despite of their name are often luxurious objects, poetic creations on paper, handwriting and illustrated by the author. An original creation receding from book publishing industry.

Then, what to say about the ornamentation, those painting or drawing which embellished the books cover?

Dear readers, Laure Conon a Canadian writer wrote “to love a person for its appearance, it is like to love a book for its book cover”. The entire piece and its details have to be loved.

See you soon,