My dear readers,

Easter is always a privileged moment. At beginning of spring, when days becomes to be longer, birds coming back and trees burgeon. 

It is a feast that delights child and adults, we seize the day to meet up with family or friends, in a garden or in a park. It is a religious and a heathen feast which represent the celebration of spring, rebirth and come back of light after longs winter months.

I was really curious to assist at this feast in many countries, and it is with a lot of fun I realized of the differences there is depending on where you are. In Anglo-Saxon countries, chocolate is white contrary to Latin countries where it is dark or with milk. In Spain, they even create sculptures to celebrate this party.

Eggs remains the symbol the most represented, recalling spring germination. About bunny, it may change to hare or rooster depending on the place you are but the most important is to celebrate a symbol that unite us.


So it is this symbol that lead me, as soon as I can, to get back near my family and enjoy this rare moments we are all together. For the first time, I brought Elena to let them discover the woman who has a very special place in my heart and is now an integrant part of my life.

Without any surprise, they adored her. It was a unic moment to observe the sharing of sincere smiles which illuminates this wonderful day.

It is when I moved back in the flock that I perceived with pleasure the happiness we find in simple times. A ray of sunshine, people we love and all a day becomes incredibly magnificent, letting us forget hard moments.

Then, eggs hunt, so expected by children who ran and searched in all garden’s corners to find the chocolate they could not wait to eat. What a day it was…

My dear readers, each good bye is an opportunity to remind how much we love this people who surround us and It is at this time that we understand we never say it to much.

See you soon!