My dear readers,

This year, the Roland Garros tournament will take place from the 22nd of May to 11th of June of 2017. I cannot wait to assist it again so much tennis is a sport that has a good place in my agenda.

Indeed, it is a sport that its values fits with mine. A strong ethic is in the heart of challenges and some benchmark has to be seen from amateur to professional level: respect, honesty, self-control, solidarity and conviviality are in the center of attentions for the pleasure of all players and also for the good education of children.

Most of us know the tournament, but less the man who was Roland Garros though did marked history of France. He was a military, aviator and sportive man who realized some huge exploits. First man to cross the Mediterranean Sea in plane, he created his own sportive car and an aircraft with an innovative shoot system.

His name was given to the tournament and stadium to pay tribute to what he did for France.


Since few years, tournament’s managers wanted to modernize the stadiums to offer even better benefits to the spectators and participants. Since 2010, this works takes progressively place and must be finished in 2020.

Even if the place is still the same, the new site will be more environmentally friendly for the happiness of everyone.

Moreover, the Philippe Chatrier tennis court will be covered and will permit to the game to continue no matter if there is a bad or good weather. The Mousquetaire’s square will be improved and will enhance the fluidity of movement while offering more space to the visitors. I cannot wait to discover this new place!

My dear readers, keep in mind that patience is a virtue, deadline compliance is an obligation.

See you soon !