My dear readers,

Today I wanted to tell you the story of my first kiss with Elena.

After our encounter, so strong in emotion, after this immoderate contact of our looks moistened by tenderness, this close proximity through this bond created us to discover us gradually and begin to love us deeply.

At first, we became very good friends, the ease we had to confide in, our smiles that gushed uncontrollably, her lips moistened as soon as her body was racing are memories that we keep thanks to the Love and fidelity that we maintain.

It was on the banks of the Seine that for the first time we kissed each other. And it is this scene that, not without reasons, remains carved in our minds without fading.


Thinking every day about this first kiss, I decided on this sunny Sunday to take her along the banks of the Seine to remind us of this desire we share.

Hand in hand, we walked towards this place where we exchanged for the first time this intimate and privileged kiss.

Once we arrived, we took the time to sit comfortably, to have lunch and then, to kiss ourselves again. I was relieved to see that the emotion was as intense as the first time, and I realized that nothing would ever change.

After a new embrace, lulled by the rays of sunshine that made us intoxicated, I took her to the flower market in Place de la Madeleine to offer her favorite bouquet: an orchid, a white amarillys dotted with red roses, the two colors of the love.

My dear readers, never forget that through a glance, our perception tells us in a shiver, that we live true love.

See you soon!