My dear readers,

Today I wanted to speak about a building and an institution which drawed my attention because they participated to make Paris and France what they are today for the rest of the world. It is about UNESCO’s house, also called Fontenoy, which we relate two other buildings (Bonvin and Miollis) on the 15th district of Paris.

It is a cultural place that we can freely visit to better understand its history and activities.

UNESCO, United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, is a specialized institution of UN, (United Nations) that regroup the most part of world’s States in the aim to establish Peace.


This group of buildings perfectly represents the complexity which have to face this institution. It was created downtown, between Eiffel Tower and Military School, in a period Paris mushroomed, by 3 architects supervisied by 5 other architects, each of them coming from different countries. It is so a masterpiece perfectly representing international cooperation, in the aim of struggle the worlds plagues, and it doesn’t exist more awesome symbol of freedom, egality and fraternity than this one.

As an idealist, i necessary think about how to establish peace in the world. Complex subject but indispensable of my well being. I sincerely think that all the little thing we can do can have an impact which can engender many actions which, finally, will lead us to reach this objective.

This thoughts permits me to keep hope and faith in Humanity and moreover, in happiness democratization. I can not stop thinking sometimes at life conditions there is in Somalia for example, where water and food access remained chimeric.

My dear readers, we all know that alone, we go faster, but together, we go further.

See you soon!