My dear readers,

Recently I went to the cinema when I was captivated by a commercial that passed before the film, this video almost touched and moved me more than the film which I had come.

The topic covered in this video was our beautiful city. It is true that 2016 marked the spirit of every Frenchman, every Parisian, every person who loves life and wishes to live in harmony with his neighbor, each person who hopes and aspires that the world in which we live will become better.

I am not, originally, a fervent admirer of the government's advertising, but I would like to applaud the team of director Jalil Lespert and his team who contributed to the realization of this short film entitled « Paris, je t'aime » in collaboration with La Mairie de Paris. As soon as the video was launched, first notes sounded right, we are transported, the song used « Just need your love » composed by Hyphen Hyphen already carries a message that Paris has been transmitting for years: Love ! The rhythm of the video is dynamic and we flood with splendid images as well as small scenes that represent our daily lives, our lives.


Paris, its museums, its neighborhoods, its cultures, its monuments, its roofs, its houses of Haute Couture, its graffitis, its cafes, its diversity, its character, its beauty and its life, all of it make a unique city. The personality marked, a personality that inspired, inspire and will inspire the world. Paris is a majestic city that mixes sensuality and elegance, calm and angry at the same time.

Paris is a city where we share together simple things, good products, just as we enjoy eating much more refined from the greatest chefs of the planet. Paris the symbol of French kiss, of the cuisine, of Art, of fashion, of dance, all its things that give us chills, emotions and above all the feeling of being alive and to exist.

Paris, is dynamic, sporty, festive, sparkling, haughty and welcoming at the same time. Paris is a city of love, talent or despite the dark days laughter and joy are ingrained in us. Paris is a city of humor, fun, a city of fun that dances, that moves, a city where time stops. In Paris, we laugh, we cry, we protest, we share in a cafe or bar, we discuss but above all we live.

Admittedly, it is a sparkling Paris, very clean that the video highlights while the one we live happens rather in the dark corridors of the metro… To discover this unique atmosphere, I recommend you to watch a video entitled « Paris, we love you too. » a much more underground version but equally true and talented. Yes I am curious, yes I want to discover the world and its riches, however this unconditional love will never change, Paris is my city. Paris is my home, Paris our home, Paris is your home. Today, I am happy to tell you that I am proud to be French, proud to be a Parisian, proud and honored to represent this city wherever I go throughout the world.

Not everyone will share my opinion, for sure, but Paris will forever remain for me one of the most beautiful treasures of our civilization.

See you soon!