As you all already know, I am a true lover of Paris. This city inspires me on a daily basis, its atypical streets intrigue me and its mythical places fascinate me. The City of Light has an endless history that is difficult to fully understand. Some mythical places such as the Eiffel Tower, the Sacré-Cœur or Notre-Dame symbolise his past. Monuments that are become over time the emblems of Paris. However, some less famous and more atypical places represent the capital and her history just as much.

I decide today to write to you my love for one of them. A Parisian concert hall that alone symbolises the unfailing link between Paris and music. A stage with a 110-year history that has seen the birth of the greatest French artists, the Olympia.

THE OLYMPIA                                          

In my opinion, the Olympia is the temple of music in France. Indeed, this institution with her unique atmosphere represents everything I love about music. Through its programming, history and stage, the Olympia has left his mark on my mind, influenced my musical tastes and made me spend moments that I will probably never forget.

It was in this music hall that I attended my first concert with my father. As soon as I entered, the room with the red curtains and armchairs conquered me, a room on a human scale that breathes music and history. My father, a big fan of French music from the 60s, took me to listen to Charles Aznavour. I must admit that the idea of attending this concert didn’t thrill me much at first! Finally I realise today that this is probably the best memory I have with my father.

The birth of the love story between me and the Olympia that began at the age of 15, which continues today and which will certainly never end as much as the influence of this mythical place on the French music scene.

 "Love, Music and Elegance"