My dear readers,

I am very happy to write you today about an Art that France has greatly contributed to the creation: Cinema.

Nicknamed the 7th art, it appeared at the end of 19th century thanks to several inventors who had the will to create a device which could reproduce a sequence of photographs to tell a story, it is nowadays become an integral art, as much refined as popular.

What does, for me, all the greatness of cinema, it is that it involve emotions before reflection and permit to awake consciousness and make live an intense moment to the greatest number of people.

When we observe the influence that may have certain actors and actress on entire generations, as well as their impact on many more or less associated as fashion, literature, philosophy and humour, we can realize the importance that this art represent for the world since now more than 2 centuries.


This summer, in July, will begin once more the period of opened air cinema festivals of Paris. I particularly think about the one of La Villette which I had the chance to participate many times. It is a huge pleasure to observe a movie on opened air and enjoy the softness of Paris summer’s evening this way and relish this short resting moment when Paris seems to stop.

In addition to cinema, we will have the opportunity to taste different kinds of foods and drinks coming from various horizons thanks to the years thematic imposed: cuisine.

My dear readers, Jean-Luc Godard said that « Photography, it is truth and cinema, it is 24 times the truth per second” Engraving the power of 7th Art.

See you soon!