My dear readers,

France history cannot be sum up in a date, but in centuries of events, victories, defeats, arts and lights.

However, there is a date which remain important for an important part of french who are proud of its symbol: the people liberation.

The 14th July, day of our Bastille Day. Enacted in 1880 to commemorate two events: Storming of the Bastille in 1789, which represented Divine rights of kings, society of orders and privileges that ruined France in this time.

Then, the Federations feast of 1790 which, a year later, celebrated the new constitution but also, the reconciliation and unity of all French people.

This feast was just unbelievable. It took place in Champ-de-Mars and welcomed more than 100.000 people coming to celebrate.


Facing the hugeness of this feast and the complex organization it imposed, the 1200 workers took a lot of delay and could not realize all the work in time, which forced the chiefs of the project to appeal all Parisians to come and help them, and with all their good will, came in a mass to work for free and finish the work.

It is also said that few people even saw Louis XIV king took a pick. Gilbert du Motier de la Fayette, noble officer and politic, also worked as an workman to participate at the good evolution of the project. In this way and for the first time in France, workers had to get to know nobles as monks worked with bourgeois. Which most beautiful symbol than this one to represent modern France and its values?

Today, and as each year, we will celebrate the importance this date have in our history with parade, fireworks and popular ball.

My dear readers, Georges Duhamel, a doctor, writer and french poet wrote “A nation is huge when it produce great men ” France is huge.

See you soon !