My dear readers,

The Eiffel Tower, a Parisian symbol par excellence, stands majestically in our Capital.

We love it for its height, its originality, its elegance... Without it, Paris would not be Paris!

It is a grandiose monument and once at the top, the view that is offered to us is simply exceptional. I do not know any better point of view than this one. Contemplating Paris at 300m height is a happiness that is earned step by step.

The Eiffel Tower is called Iron Lady and it is undoubtedly the first lady of France. The edge of the Seine is its kingdom, and on the green carpet gardens Trocadero, since 1889, the whole world pays tribute.

What would Paris be without its Eiffel Tower?

It is with great emotion and admiration that I see this monument every day. When I look at it, I fully realize the beauty of the capital and our lovely France.

This masterpiece is the unmissable monument of Paris, especially at night when it sparkles, it's magical!

On the Champ-de-Mars, we rediscover our child's soul, when evening comes, when the Beauty shines brightly!


These magical moments could have never happened!

The opposition is strong to prevent the construction of the Iron Lady, on the occasion of the Universal Exposition of 1889. And the engineer Gustave Eiffel will have to fight for his project to be carried out.

After two years, two months and five days of work, Eiffel offers this showcase of French know-how that defies the laws of physics. In the 1920s, the Eiffel Tower became a symbol of modernity and technological avant-garde.

Elevators have been in existence since 1889. They are truly technical achievements and require very special maintenance because their mechanism has not changed.

It is difficult to believe that after its construction in 1889, for the Universal Exhibition, it had to disappear from the Parisian landscape.

The symbol of Paris owes its survival to its immense tourist success as well as the care and maintenance provided since the 19th century.

It is now far the time when we considered the destruction of the Eiffel Tower: it is now integrated into the landscape of the capital.

Symbol of Paris, emblem of France, as soon as the eyes put on the "Beautiful Giraffe lace" as the poet Jean Cocteau liked to say, your pupils dilate.

See you soon!